Unable to submit meter reading through App or MyAccount

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I am unable to enter the three meter readings for my residence. When I try to enter same, it comes up with 'service ineligible'. I have been doing self readings now for sometime as our yard is locked and there is usually a large German Shepherd in the yard. The local meter reader is aware that I do my own my own readings. Meter read dates for my residence is 28 to 30th August (3 month cycle). Have been unable t0o get any assistance from your call centre over the last 3 days or though the online virtual assistant method today.  I am rapidly losing patience.  Can I please get some assistance to have this explained and rectified as a matter of some urgency.  

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I have spent 40 mins on the phone regarding my meter reading to a finished account was told to then email agl my meter read to be told by email that I need to go through the app but the app won’t let me submit it. Now what do I do? Very unhelpful