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Our Lions Club operates a bookshed as a major fundraiser, and the shed was damaged badly in the November storms that ripped through Adelaide. We only opened on weekends so our power bill was not significant. However, it seems that our local Council may take much longer now to repair and/or relocate our operations. In the meantime, we are still incurring the supply charge. How might our service club apply for some relief while our shed is vacant and unused, since the money charged by AGL has to come out of other fundraising efforts? Please guide me. Thanks, Brian

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@Lions @David_AGL 


I really don't know how to give you help here.

The Supply Charge is what you pay SA Power Networks to supply the power to your shed.

AGL collect this on their behalf.

You may be able to get the power disconnected..

David do you have any suggestions here?

Cheers Neil

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Hi @Lions,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood!


If your power is not connected at the moment, we can close your account meaning you won't be receiving any further bills until your account is activated again.


Alternatively if your power is on, but you don't currently need supply, we can organise for your power to be disconnected and for your account to be closed. You would also in this case need to contact us when you're ready to connect power and restart your account.


If either of these options are what you're wanting to organise, I'll send you a private message to grab your account details so that I can help you further. 


Kind Regards,




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Thanks. Sometimes one asks questions knowing the answers, but no harm asking in case there is a sideball. Best wishes Brian Sent from my mobile
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Further to earlier emails, it appears that any action with our shed is a long way off, so can you please arrange to disconnect the power for our account 6168 3892 effective immediately?

Thank you in anticipation.

Brian (Lions)