Reminder text to provide gas meter reading

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Each month I receive a text message saying my gas account is due to be billed and that I can provide my meter reading by clicking on a link provided. It also states I can opt out of receiving these text message (which I desperately want to do), by clicking on another link provided, however, the link takes me to the home page of the AGL website. I have searched everywhere on the website for an 'opt out' section and can find nothing. I searched through my account and profile details and nothing. I even manually put in the link provided into the browser, and nothing. How do I opt out of receiving these texts?

AGL Moderator
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Hi melbournedon,


So that I can gain further information about this, we'll need to access your account. As this is a public community we won't be able to help you with this here, but I've contacted you via private message so I can assist.