Grossly incorrect smart meter readings are being reported online.

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This month Feb 2022, we have viewed 2 days with meter readings impossible, in the first instance and greatly wrong in the second instance, in both cases overcharging us. I reported the fist case where they reported impossible solar figures (greater than the capacity of either our solar panels and the inverter. They also reported the largest consumption of the year during 1) day light hours we were not home with impossibly high solar figures (also reported) and we were also fitted with 2 Tesla Powerwall's both nearly fully charged and working correctly. Both the remote inverter recoded data and the power wall data reported out expected usage and export data. Talked by text to "AGL?" they said they did not have the data recorded for the day in question and would send someone out to look at our smart meter. This does not make sense as they also reported hourly data for that day and it was not marked as an estimate. It was not like any recent data not same day 12 months earlier. Similar thing occurred 6 days alter and all he other days before and after have been (in my view) correctly read. They seem to be looking for a problem at my end and I'm happy they look but it appears to me the problem is clearly at the AGL / ausgrid smart metering (by wifi) end. Do they seriously expect me to pay my next bill? With 2 power walls install plus an 8kWh inverter they will own me a few dollars this month. So it seems that they trying to cheat me. I use 0.5kWh per day and export about 10 to 20kWh to the grid each day, except when their figures (not mine) go haywire. Twice in one week as become way too often.

Sincerely your customer (up until now).

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Hi Smiths12H,


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We certainly appreciate your concerns with this and appreciate that you would like the usage data checked. As this relates directly to your account, please get in touch with us here, and we'll by happy to investigate further. 


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