Move meter box, upgrade to three phase;

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A few questions - I am thinking of going with AGL for my power in a house I am buying in Brisbane area. It has a solar PV system and uses an EM1000 meter (is it a smart meter?) and the old spinning dial type meter, which I assume is for the hot water tariff (33).

My guess is the EM1000 handles the normal tariff and the solar feed in tariff?

Does the meter man still need to visit the meter box or can he read the meters from the gate by WiFi or Bluetooth??

If that feature is not available, I may have the meter box moved to the front boundary (because of renovations and the dog); what would AGL charge for the disconnect/reconnect etc?





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If you still have a manually read (or spinning dial) meter at your property, then a meter reader will require direct access this to this in order to take a meter reading. Having your meters upgraded to smart meters which can be read remotely would be a more cost effective option than moving your meter box. You can find more information here.


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