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Re: Smart Control Tariff 35

Hi Jayden. Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, the answer is not much of a help, but if it applies mainly to hot water, it appears of little use to me (with solar HW).Let me ask some specific questions though. (I might add, there is next to nothing on the website that I can find, and what is there is full of technical jargon that the average consumer has no idea about).I assume 35 is in place of 31 or 33, and one still requires a “normal” tariff?And meter?? (If so, I don’t save on meter charg ...
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Smart Control Tariff 35

Hi,There is a "Smart Control Tariff 35" listed on the Retail Contract Residential Rates available online.Is anyone on this tariff in a residential situation that can tell me their experiences, and how do I apply to connect on this tariff?We are purchasing another house (but not moving just yet), and I am considering connecting to this tariff as it appears it might save us money, means only one meter (I think) and associated charges, and allows for less underground cabling for one tariff (future ...
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Move meter box, upgrade to three phase;

Hi,A few questions - I am thinking of going with AGL for my power in a house I am buying in Brisbane area. It has a solar PV system and uses an EM1000 meter (is it a smart meter?) and the old spinning dial type meter, which I assume is for the hot water tariff (33).My guess is the EM1000 handles the normal tariff and the solar feed in tariff?Does the meter man still need to visit the meter box or can he read the meters from the gate by WiFi or Bluetooth??If that feature is not available, I may h ...
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