Metre reading too low

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The number on my metre is lower than the last number I entered to AGL (two months ago). That would seem to imply negative electricity usage, which is impossible, right? I can't enter my metre reading because the number is too small. I could've entered the number wrong last time but I double checked it to make sure I was entering it right. Could there be something wrong with my metre?

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Heather1701,


Welcome to Neighbourhood. It's unlikely that your meter has gone backwards, but it's possible. It can occur if Solar was installed and turned on prior to meter being reconfigured, or if meter was faulty. This is something that you can keep an eye on, take a few photos over the next month and see if your meter is moving as it's meant to be. I can forward a current photo of your meter to our Billing team, so they can enter your meter read. I will send you a private message so I can grab your account details and assist you further.