Atlas Mk7C codes

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Recently got solar (QLD) and had an Atlas Mk7C digital meter installed. 
Display shows codes 3, 4, 13 & 14.


Found what codes 3 & 13 are -

01Standard Current Date and Time
03Excess energy consumed by customer
13Excess energy exported by customer


What are codes 4 & 14?


4 has been 0 since installed

14 is showing data but don’t know what it is



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Hi @mikebriz,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! Registers 4 and 14 are unfortunately not included in any manuals that we have from meter providers. I have sent a follow up email asking for this information and am currently awaiting response.




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i too would like to know the same as mike briz , on explanation on how to read a atlas mk 7c meter 

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Hi there @mrcracka, welcome to Neighbourhood.

After checking with Olgi and the meter data provider, it looks like they don't use register 4 and register 14, so the data running through those won't be relevant to billing if they are recording anything at all. 

Since the meter only records what goes through it, one register will show you what has been taken from the grid to meet the demands of the house, and one register will show what has been sent to the grid as solar excess, which we will credit for.

I hope this has helped!



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Thanks Mark.

Registers 4 & 14 have data showing. I understand these aren’t used by AGL
but am curious to know what the information is.

If you come across these in the future please let me know.
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hi ,thank you for your reply , a further question ;;;at what rate   $  do you credit my a/ c  excess from my grid :::   regards   TONY