Meter upgrade request

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I recently moved into a new home where an ACE 2000 SMB type 292 meter is installed. I also I have solar. Should I request a meter upgrade? Are there any charges to upgrade?

Thanks in advance

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@Marlock I had a bit of a google.

This could be an import meter only, meaning solar feed might be billed as usage.


Found some threads. 


It might be a different type 292 meter though as this pdf states it is import, having optional modes. 


** Your solar installer should be organising this for you. **


I'm not even sure if this is a digital meter, as the document above says it has a port for taking reads.


Best to ask your solar folk, as they should liaise with the power provider to get the right digital meter installed.

A new digital meter will most likely be required, readings taken daily by online connection, as everyone will no doubt have to shift to one in the coming X number years.


Check your local plans available as to whether you stay on a current tariff type plan if fixed / single rate, or go to TOU (time of use), which is what AGL or other retailer will put you on automatically if not specifically requested to stay on another tariff type.