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Our small (405m sq) property contains a detached house and a granny flat. The granny flat has a separate meter. They are old-fashioned 'dial' meters. I have been having increasing difficulty in getting an actual read for the meters even though we had no problems for decades. One of the problems is that the detached house has a different read date to the granny flat - which is nuts! In addition, the text notifications have stopped. I have tried to submit my own reads (which I've done many times before) but I can only submit for the granny flat. When I try to submit the two reading for the house it says 'service ineligible'. How can this be the case on the same property? We have always had a dog and have always kept them locked away either in the house with us or locked in the back garden. We have put a big sign on our gate to that effect but no meter reader comes. All this is a bit tiring. We used to be able to send photos of the meters to AGL - is that possible still?
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Hi @ShellMcC , thank you for reaching out.

I'm sorry to hear about this frustrating experience with your multi-metered site.

Although the meters are on different read schedules, you can still submit the photos for each meter for readings, although your AGL digital account may only be setup for one meter, which is why the other meter is showing as ineligible.


Some possible solutions:
You can contact us via any of the contact methods found at and either;


1. Have the digital account setup to include both meters, and to ensure that SMS notifications for both meters is turned "on".


2. Have both meters upgraded to digital "smart" meters - this process is free, and you would no longer need to worry about site access or submitting your own readings, as these meters update AGL wirelessly, with the need for a visit.


Kind regards,

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Hello Xander,
Thank you for your reply.
I have more questions/comments.
1. Why are the meters (on the same small suburban property) on different read schedules? This implies you intend to send two readers or the same reader on two days or you don't plan to send any at all so it doesn't matter.

2. All meters used to be on the same day and I used to be able to submit readings to them all. Is there any reason for the change?

3. I'm glad I can still submit photos - where? Is there an email address?




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Hi @ShellMcC - thanks for following up.

1. We actually don't employ the meter readers, this is managed by the electricity distributor, who owns your meter and manages the supply of electricity (helpful to think of them as the service station, where AGL is the petrol) so unfortunately, I can't answer why the meter reading schedule has changed.


2. I think this question is answered by a combination of answer 1, and the previous answer I gave regarding your AGL digital account.


3. There isn't an email address for unsolicited photo submission, this is done though the app or the AGL MyAccount, where you first submit the numbers for your reading for each meter, and if the numbers are significantly higher or lower than the expected or estimated figure, you are sent an email prompting you to reply with a photo of the meter.

(Important to note that you can't send photos of the meter directly to this email if you haven't been requested to send one, the team do not have the capacity to respond to all unsolicited emails)

Hope that answers your questions!