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I have finally installed solar panels on my roof. Installed by my local electrician. I am in Brisbane under Energex with AGL as my retailer. I did have a smart meter installed however AGL needed to upgrade to a smart meter that accommodates solar. Interesting that AGL actually subcontracted this out to Plus ES that is a subsidiary of a NSW Distributor.


My question is how can I read the net benefit I am receiving from the solar panels. I had assumed that via an AGL app or something I could monitor my solar generation and my power consumption. I had assumed that these smart meters had the ability to do this.


I looks like AGL did offer something called Solar Command however they have apparently ceased this offering.

I can log onto the inverters website which will tell me my solar generation but not my power consumption.

Of course the most annoying thing was that I did have a meter reading device installed however when AGL (Plus ES) replaced the meter they removed this device advising my wife that I won't need this anymore. This of course was very annoying.



AGL Moderator
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Hi Mark,


Thank you for getting in touch with us here.


You will have the ability to monitor energy that your system exports to the grid through both our My Account and app. You can find more information here.


After your meter has been reconfigured to accommodate for exported data, you should expect your solar data to begin to populate after approx 2 weeks.If this doesn't occur, please let me know!


King regards,