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I recently switched from Origin to AGL, and jut got my first gas bill. However, the meter reading for gas hot water meter was estimated only. In fact my last 4.or 5 bills from Origin were also estimated readings.  Could I ask why? I am living in an apartment building with an on-site strata manager. If your staff can not access the meter, you can call our building manager. I am afraid that the estimated readings have been underestimated for more than one year.

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Great question!


It sounds like you may have "MDL" meters at your property. These are meters that can be remotely read, but if a fault occurs with the meter then it will return an estimated reading. You can find further information here underneath "Gas Meters How To Read".


In order to have this issue addressed, a member of our customer service team will need to arrange for Jemena to attend your property to take a look at your meter. You can get in touch with our team here!


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