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Re: Negative Prices

Hi Jayden, Thanks for the response but that did quite answer my question. When I generate surplus power in the middle of the day that AGL sells back to the grid, I realise that AGL payment me a pre-agreed tariff however what happens when the actual price is less than this tariff or even negative? AGL presumably won't be selling power at negative prices. I saw that some of the commercial scale renewable companies actually get switched off (which protects them from selling power at negative prices ...
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Negative Prices

Living in Queensland we have started to see negative pricing more frequently due to surplus capacity. I was wondering what happens in regards to my exporting surplus solar to the network. Would AGL simply turn me off or could I actually be charged to provide power to the network?
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Why am I still drawing power from the grid when my solar is cranking

Hi,I have recently install solar and AGL (via some subcontractor) upgraded my meters to Active Stream smart meters. When I look at the AGL app, during the middle of the day, with nothing running and solar cranking (currently I am generating at over 4.5 kw) the app says that I am still drawing power from the grid? How can this be possible. It also says I am selling loads of power to the grid (for a pittance) but why should I still be drawing power from the grid? Also I have both T11 and T33. Shou ...
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Re: Power consumption with a smart meter

Hi Jayden, No I can see from my Fronius Inverter analytics how much solar I am generating however I wanted to also know what my actual power consumption is as well. I didn't think my inverter would tell me this. For the last couple of years I have used a power monitor that an electrician installed to measure my power consumption. It would simply measure actual consumption at any moment and hence I could see when my power consumption spiked in the evenings etc. When AGL replaced my existing smart ...
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