How do I read new Landis+Gyr 355 smart meter ?

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Hi everyone,

I've just had a Landis+Gyr 355 smart meter installed at home. I've received no information on this meter and cant seem to find it, or any information, on the internet.


Is anyone able to tell me what the different codes correspond to?  I have general use Tariff 11, Economy Tariff 33 and I have a PPA with Energex through to 2026 at $0.44 per kW.  Im stuggling to work out the different codes.

According to the AGL App I have almost ceased exporting power to the grid from the date of installation.


Can someone help fill these codes in for me and/or point me to a customer/user information sheet for this meter?


Thanks AvH_40

1= time

2 = Date

3= ?

4 = ?

15 = ?

16 = ?

21 = T33 (Pretty sure)

22 = isnt being used.

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Don’t bother asking these muppets they are brain dead and just read from a script, AGL customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced 

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No the landys is not there stop saying it is

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15 is what your solar puts in. tech told me.

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Why are you believable?

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you don't even have a reasonable name

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In my case 15 is definitely my standard tariff usage. It fits perfectly
with what's printed in my accounts. Maybe it is different for each meter —
depending on how it's set up when originally installed. Perhaps this is the
reason why they don't issue a general instruction.
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Why I need the manual:

My hot water is not hot so I need to know how to use the boost function.

I blindly push the green button and now my water is heating up at full price.

My water is now hot enough so I want to turn the HWS off again but have no idea how.

Some say hold the green button in for 10 seconds. Others say it will run for 1 hour and then go off. A third answer thrown around is that once it heats up and turns off by the thermostat, it will not come on again until power is available through the controlled load. Which is correct? Should I believe someone who may or may not have a clue on Utube?

The next day I have no hot water.  If I had access to some basic but verified information, I could see whether or not the controlled load is working. If I report a meter fault and I am wrong, I have to pay a service fee. 
If only there was some way to help with my problem like a manual.


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Poor **bleep**.. I feel your pain. These people supply you with a meter and
absolutely no information on how to use it (nor can you find much from
You may have to resort to reverse engineering it like us; and publish what
you learn.
It's a completely unreasonable situation you find yourself in; but sadly
its standard business practice.
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AGH, to operate the boost function hold the green button in for approx. 3 secs, you should hear a loud click when a relay operates to start the heating. Hold it again for approx. 3 secs and it will click again to turn off. I just tried it and noticed that on the bottom row of the display, about 1/2 way in, is a capital L, when I turned on boost this started flashing then stopped when I turned off the boost. I'm guessing they're connected but, of course, don't know what the L stands for.

Having said that, when I first used the boost when the meter was fitted there was no relay clicking on or off BUT it still heated the water. I also read somewhere (or was told, can't remember) that you had to hold in the green button for 10 seconds (?). The old meter turned the boost off after 1 hour, I'm pretty sure this meter also turns the boost off automatically but whether it's an hour I don't know.

If you don't think it's working properly then by all means lodge a fault and get someone out to check it and explain how to use it (good luck with the last bit). It's not your fault if you don't have any information on how to operate the meter and if they try to charge you for a callout (I doubt they will) refuse to pay and tell them you will lodge a complaint with the ombudsman.

Yes, AGL are responsible for the meter but trying to get any help from them is almost impossible. They are simply not interested in helping the customer. This "forum" is monitored by them so by now they must be aware that many people are unhappy about the lack of user information available for this meter (and you can bet that there are many more who don't bother complaining - or know where to go to complain) but still the company does nothing.


I'm old enough to remember the days when customers were important to companies and complaints/concerns were taken seriously, sadly (with one or two exceptions) those days are a thing of the past.

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Can you please provide info on how to read the 355 landis & gyr, intellihub meter I have a 3 phase and single phase meter for tariff 11 solar feed in and tariff 33.
This meter was arranged and installed by the metering provider which is not Energex. 

Thank you