Gas turned off for works, burners will not turn on again

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I use AGL for gas hot water, and also separately for gas cooking and such, at a property I own. The hot water is fine, and the other gas meter (pictured here with the valves closed) was also fine until workmen turned it off recently to perform concrete repairs. I turned it on again, with both the pictured valves opened, and the gas appears to be flowing (with the red numbers on the right ticking over), but nothing is getting through to the cooktop burners.


You can probably tell that I'm not super literate about this sort of thing. So, my question here is who to contact to get this investigated and/or fixed. Is it AGL? A tradesperson? I'd rather not have someone come over only to tell me to call someone else, so a good starting point would be appreciated. Thank you!

AGL Moderator
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Hi Mikes1, Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about your situation. There are few things that I can recommend:

  1. Firstly, the red handle from your meter needs to be vertical to the pipes. If it is horizontal (opposite direction to the pipes- it means the valve is shut).
  2. Do you have other gas appliances apart from the cooktop? If yes- are they working fine?
  3. If all gas appliances are affected- Shoot us a message via My Account or the AGL app
  4. If all other gas appliances are working fine and if it's just the cooktop- It would be best to engage with a gas plumber.


Hope this helps. Cheers, Deepesh