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I would like to ask about my actual read bill . At the beginning I got the actual read from 30/5/2023 with start from: 99538 and end read: 99,963. And then the second time I got the actual read from 17/08/2023 with start read: 669 and end read: 1971. And today I got actual read 15/11/2023 start read from 3538 and end read 4036. All of them not make sense, especially the actual read from 17/08/2023. I already call and message a lot to get the explanation but all the answers I got is I have to submit the actual read by myself but I can’t submit it as I just hired this unit and I can find out where to read the read meter. Please explain and check all 3 actual read for me.

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Hello @EllisDang, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


I am sorry to hear that your bills have been reflecting different actuals reads and appreciate the confusion. 


I'll send you a private message so that I can get some of your details and look into this further for you. 


Kind Regards,