Digital Meter Upgrade - how are the readings sent?

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We have recently been informed that we will be receiving a digital meter upgrade. 
Can anyone tell me how the readings are transmitted? The website just says they’re sent via a secure wifi network. 
The reason that I ask is that where we are, we have no mobile phone service, therefore if the meter uses the mobile phone network to transmit readings, this would cause problems. 
Can anyone advise me on this?


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This will be interesting if anyone from AGL replies here re this.

I believe smart meter readings are transmitted from the home or business to a wide area network, made up of mobile phone or radio masts, so there might be some sort of national system of wireless, but not sure just how elaborate this might need to be in our more remote areas.

It is a 2 way communication so a network service provider can disconnect or reconnect power to a specific site, throttle or turn solar off completely, etc, if the network requires it for bushfire risk, grid oversupply, etc.

There is scant information about this online.

I did read somewhere that where digital meters that are unable to communicate are installed (or type 4a option of having the comms turned off), a consumer may upload readings just like older analogue meters.

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Hi @Carrie_K thank you for your question - I hope I can answer to Lester's high standards!

The digital meter does operate using a mobile phone network, essentially sending a "packet" of data every 5 minutes to the metering co-ordinator, (the company who owns and maintains the digital meters).
This company then shares this information with your retailer, (in this case AGL) who are able to see these 5 minute packets in groups of 30 minutes, which we use to: update our app/my account, and determine your usage for billing purposes.

My understanding of the workaround, if you have no mobile signal, is that a meter reader can still come and take a manual reading of the meter, however this is done on a six monthly, rather than quarterly basis, unfortunately with a modern smart meter, you are unable to take your own readings.

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