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Is there a worse communicator on the market than AGL? I have now been waiting over 21 days for my solar connection and been stuffed around by misleading staff. As I have never received any type of communication from AGL as promised to tell me the system is operating. No one talks anymore. I now find out today the system is connected and that they don’t tell customers that that is so. How can I possibly recommend AGL to friends with such poor  communications. The last operator must have been operating at home as a rooster was crowing in the back ground. Very poor AGL!!!!!

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Hi @denishale . I'm sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating experience with AGL's communication around your solar connection.


I would certainly hope the last agent you spoke to was operating at home, because this would mean they're complying with the local lockdown requirements necessitated by the COVID-19 epidemic. This crisis has impacted many areas of our staff resources, and has certainly contributed to delays. For more info on how we're handling it, you can check out our COVID-19 Update.

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You've only had to wait 21 days - I've been waiting 11 weeks, and still not connected. Numerous phone calls saying it should be right this time just wait a few more days.  I'm needing to fault find their process issues myself, then advise AGL why the delays are occurring.  They really seem to have no idea - or care at the moment - while focusing more on preparing for dinner or family issues while working from home.

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Hi mate,

You're not the only one, I've been waiting for almost 2 months for meter exchange. Their meter team is no doubt the worst department of the whole company. My guess is that AGL just doesn't want us to use solar because it lowers their profit.

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Hi wsqwin, sorry you are still waiting on the meter exchange, the normal time frame for a standard install to be completed is 15 business days. Please reach out to the team here, so we can follow up on this.

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Hi Steve, 


A technician showed up Last Thursday (09/07/2020), and he didn't come with SA Power Networks. He looked around and left saying he needs SA Power Networks help in order to change the meter. I have been told this since the first technician came to my house 2 MONTHS ago. What is AGL doing seriously? 


And just now, I received the following email saying I need to get my own electrician to amend the submersible fuses. I had no idea what it was so I reached out my solar company, they told me that only SA Power Networks has the capability and authority to do so. 


Now I'm totally convinced that AGL just doesn't want to change my meter, because if you do, I would not wait for 2 months and keep being told the same excuses.


Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 8.46.13 pm.png




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Hi @wsqwin . Sorry to hear this process has been so frustrating - that email you received certainly doesn't look very helpful. I'm going to follow up on this for you, and someone should be in touch with you about it soon.