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I would like to understand why in our bills we have 3 different meters that you guys read. 
our bills are coming way to expense comparing to our other same business in Coolangatta. 
we rent just one shop and we are not as busy as our other location. 


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Hi Flowkingsckiff! 

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This could indicate that you have 3 separate meters that powers your premise but you are also on a single rate tariff so your total usage is charged under 1 rate. You could complete a self energy audit at your premise, this will help you to determine what power your premise needs and get a better understanding on what you could do to reduce your future usage. 


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Hi not an employee of the company.

Looks like you have a three phase supply (very much imbalanced).

Look at getting it all put on one phase or getting it balanced.

Cheers Neil

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