An unprecedented spike on my gas meter reading

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I provide actual meter reading every month for the gas and water heating usage close to the month end for the billing. My billing period starts from the 24th to the 25th of the following month. 
a month ago the whole household was away for 2 weeks resulting no gas usage for the first half month of March 2020. In theory, I expect the usage for March would be lower than prior months given the absence of the household.  However I was shock to find an unprecedented spike in the actual meter reading. Given that the gas usage pattern hasn’t been changed in the second half of March as compared to other months, I cannot comprehend the cause of thee very high spike ( beyond the reasonable range) in the usage. 

Can anyone enlighten me?

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Hi Kimberly,


I appreciate your concern regarding the higher than expected bill, for assistance with this please click here.


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