Smart meter wiring

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Is it possible that my smart meter has been wired the wrong way around?? All our solar export to the grid shows as occurring at night (impossible right?), and all our usage from the grid shows as occurring during the day, in a perfect curve from sunrise to sunset... with no feed in at all during the day except for a 2hr window between 5.30 to 7.30ish morning and night. We are at work between  7.30 am and 5pm, so I’m at a loss as to how we are using that perfect bell curve of energy (up to $5 hr) during the day. There is only two of us and We have gas hot water and stove and in the last month we haven’t used our ducted air at all as opposed to almost 14 hours 5pm- 7.00am in the previous billing cycle. Currently we are feeding in less than 40c a day from our solar. AGL have been less than helpful, told me I should investigate why I’m using more energy, then said they would investigate the meter. That was weeks ago with no word from them. 

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I take it that you have recently had your smart meter installed.


Yes it is possible to have the meter wires installed incorrectly.


In truth most SmartMeters are in fact three meters.

Meter 1 is connected to your mains input.

Meter 2 is connected to your solar power output

Meter 3 connected to your controlled load.


If you know who installed your meter I would contact them.


If you don't you should contact AGL (who may have arranged the install) and get them to investigate.


If AGL is less than forthcoming then contact your electricity supplier (that is the company that controls / owns the wires coming into your house.)


Then if that fails raise a complaint with the electricity ombudsman.


Cheers Neil

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