Who do I connect with in AGL to reactivate my Energy Usage detail graph?

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A new smart meter was installed 2 Feb. South Au.  Since then no solar export data or gen consumption data is shown.  A number of phone calls to AGL have produced promises of reactivation but no action.  Who do I contact to address this?   How can a correct Bill be issued?    Thank you 

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Is your meter recording ANY usage and solar feed on the 2 relative meter codes ?

From what you typed, the answer is no, so not sure how your will get a bill, apart from supply charge.

What meter(s) do you have installed ?


Maybe go to the AGL usage page (you do have the online account set up, yes ?) and download the CSV data . . .

Is there anything shown there ?


Your solar has been installed from some time ago on an older analogue meter ?

And working fine previously ?


Do you have single or 3 phase power to the property ?

AGL Moderator
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Hi oscar7, I'm assuming that you are unable to view your usage and solar export in AGL MY account since the meter was replaced? It can usually take up to 15 business days from the time the meter is replaced for the data to be available in AGL My account. This is because the distributor/metering co-ordinator needs to update their database to reflect the change of meter and communicate that to us and subsequently your usage and solar get updated in your AGL My account. In saying that I want to ensure that this is in fact the case and there are no other issues. I will send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh

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Appreciate your assistance in this matter!   

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Thanks for your interest.  Two codes on newly installed smart meter indicate some readings but code 21 and 22 provide nothing. Single phase to property with solar gen being recorded for 20+ years on previous digital meter.   From memory csv is just endless 0000's.

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They are different to my codes Oscar7, maybe a google of the meter model and numbers will find what they represent.

Hopefully the AGL contact will sort you out, having a new meter shouldn't disrupt your solar feed etc, and the sooner fixed the better.

Of course AGL should be keen as it sounds like usage isn't being recorded either !