Tracking energy usage on app with solar

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We have recently had solar installed by another company, and also had AGL install a digital meter. We’ve got the AGL app and another app (SolarEdge) to track our solar. How does the usage that shows up in the AGL app relate to us having solar? Is the energy usage shown the total amount of energy we use (including what has been solar generated), or is it only what we use above what is solar generated? Also, is there a way we can see how much is being exported back to the grid? Finally, is there a way to get the data quicker than the 2 days it currently takes to show up on the app?

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Hi Chiz,


Thanks for your post!


The information presented within the AGL app relates to just the power you've imported from the grid and does not relate to your solar system. If you'd like to gain more insight to how your solar system is performing, we'd recommend that you log into your AGL MyAccount here, or consider signing up for one of our additional monitoring services found here.


It it stands currently, the usage figures in your online account only update every 48 hours or so, however the data fed through our additional monitoring services does update far more frequently. 


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