Why can't I see my daily usage in AGL IQ?

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I was chatting to my sister and she was showing me her AGL IQ data from the App, usuage and feeding per hr over the day. I went to check out mine and it only shows me the whole day, no break down during the day. We both have a smart metre and solar feedin, any idea what's wrong?

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Hi Dast,


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There are digital meters (mostly in NSW) that record usage in 15-30 minutes intervals similar to smart meters. However, the difference between these meters and smart meters is that they do not transmit this data remotely on a daily basis. This is the most likely cause of your data displaying differently to your sisters!


If you'd like to arrange for your meter to be upgraded free of charge, I encourage you to get in touch with our digital metering team on 1300 669 245.


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