LPG Gas tank

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We're looking at building a new home soon and have been looking at what size of a gas storage unit we'd like. We will be living where there is no gas provided near by, so will need to supplied gas via bottles or tanks. We'd prefer a tank size of around 1,000L or perhaps less if available but not sure if AGL are able to supply such a storage tank size?

For a majority of the time through out the year there will be only 2 adults with the occasion guest and we'll be using gas for hot water and cooking purposes only.

Would you be able to provide us with some information around gas tanks , sizes and an estimated cost when compared to bottles please?


Regards Peter


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I would suggest that you go to your local council and get advice from them.


No point getting prices on a 1000 litre tank, when due to local fire regulations you are only entitled to have two large gas bottles.


Doubt that anyone on these Community pages could give you any advice that is relevant to your unknown locale.




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Cheers Neil

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