Planned Whole Day Electricity Interruptions

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What is your company's commitment to daily, uninterrupted power supply to households who are choosing your services?


If you state it is a dedicated commitment, I will bring your answer forward as a debatable topic.


It is now the middle of, an albeit, Australian winter.  However, I am now sixty years of age and not well at the moment. 


I do not have any other method of heating and making meals other than the use of electricity.

I have been informed by your associated service company that we are having our power cut off for a whole day this Friday.


As a result I will not have any heating whatsoever, and cannot boil the kettle to have a beverage to raise my internal temperature.


Are you going to send me $100 so I can spend my day away from my home that is going to turn into an uninhabitable place for a whole day?


I have not been advised of any such equable

solution to my forthcoming predicament,  so I am forced to seriously consider changing my electricity provider.


I am now looking for a truly committed company.


AGL Community Manager
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Hi @HelenaEugenia , if you've experienced prolonged power outages, you may indeed be eligible for compensation from your local energy distribution company. Note that this will be a separate company from AGL, who are your energy retailer. You'll find your distributor listed on your AGL bill, or you can look them up on the Australian Energy Regulator page here.


I recommend you check with your distributor or with your state government energy department to see if your situation qualifies.