VPN issues

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Hi Team


I recently updated from fiber to the curb to fiber to the home and when i did changed my service to AGL.


Both my wife and I work mostly from home and our employers have a vpn's we log into to do our work. We are running Eero's and didn't change these when i moved from my old service and provider. The old service was fine and we could work comfortably, no major issues.


We are now on the 250 plan and mostly the internet is terrific. No issues really to report, BUT our VPNs are unusable. Both my wife and i have to hotspot from our mobile to do teams calls, even just for audio. 


I spoke to AGL last week, 3 calls and 3 hours. The last agent said i was going to be updated to the best service to support vpn's - zero change. 


I contacted eero and from their end they though there was n issue. I told the peeps from  AGL i had spoken to aGL, but they didnt actually listen to what they though, just put me on hold and did some stuff in the back ground.



Eero's reply


Like i mentioned during our conversation earlier, your public IP address and the IP address that the eero is getting seems to be different, that makes me believe that your network might be working in double-NAT. Double NAT occurs when you connect your router to an ISP gateway or another router. Because NAT(Network Address Translation) is performed by each router or gateway, your network is split into two different private networks. The devices connected to one private network might have communication problems with the devices connected to the other private network
Please check with your ISP if that is the case and if so ask them to put their router/NBN in bridge mode that would allow the eero to be the the one receiving your public IP.


So as we move into 2024, any thoughts on how i fix this issue - do i need to call AGL again and go through the holding pain or is their a tech ontact i can email - so hard to find this info online or does anyone have a work around.


I tried setting up a visitor eero network as i google a few solutions and this was one thought.






AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Camicois , this does sound like a bit of a headache. Hopefully someone in the community with some experience setting up VPNs with the eero can assist with some advice on this one. Failing that it might require another escalation through phone support to a more specialized agent. 


I'm glad to hear that aside from this frustration the performance has been good,but hopefully we can get this sorted. If you do get it set up with the assistance of phone support, please do let the community know what worked.


Given that these are your employer's VPNs, you might also have an IT team on that side with some experience sorting out these issues?