Consistent Packet Loss Both Sides of AGL/Southern Phone Network

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Hi there, I am on a 50/10 NBN Plan with NBN to the node within an apartment builing. with And have excessive and consistent packet loss with no change to anyhting on my side.  I cant seem to get in contact with anyone from AGL without spending 45 mins on hold, and am in WA... so after 5pm they are shut, and busy in the AM.


Doing a tracert check to Google America, can see the packet loss exists on both sides of Southern Phone (I presume the owner of AGL internet haul), and thus im now lost as to what to do/how to get any help

1 6 ms 2 ms 2 ms
2 10 ms 9 ms 10 ms
3 * 62 ms 62 ms []
4 60 ms 60 ms 59 ms []
5 58 ms * 60 ms
6 60 ms 60 ms 60 ms
7 58 ms 58 ms 60 ms []

At this point i have:
- Tested across WIFI/Wired Networks
- Tried replacing the router/DSL cables on my side with an older unit, same packet loss.

- Using a DNS as google and cloudflare, no change

- Changing Modem/router set ups with regards to QoS/ROC/Bit Swap & SRA. no change.

Can some please advise next steps... this is frustrating as its affecting my work, and then streaming/games

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Unstable connections, frequent drops, standard customer service responses, unintelligent digital chat box responses and slow connections are becoming very common problems that the Management seems not aware, I’m on 250/25mbps but yours seems faster! I don’t think anyone in AGL team are fixing it. 

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I've noticed packet loss and latency issues the past week or so aswell while streaming and gaming etc.

I just got off the phone with AGL tech support and the agent told me it is a known issue at the moment for WA customers but couldn't explain what it was, who was looking into it or when/how we can get updates on the fix - only that it was being looked into. 


The agent was also adamant that the issue was with my Telstra modem since it has "different configuration" that they do not know about i.e. DNS settings (which haven't changed the past 3 years, yet now its assumed this is causing the latency?). Very frustrating experience being told that I need to contact the modem manufacturer to resolve this when I can guarantee it has nothing to do with my modem since they just said it was a known issue (???????) completely contradicting what they just said lmao

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Same here mate. Streaming is slow, low quality and impossible to play an online game. Just got off the phone with AGL tech support and was told the same thing about a 'known issue' for WA customers but no further explanation. Said that it should be solved within 48 hours. 


Funny thing is that I called two days ago and was told the exact same. 


Guess we'll wait and see...

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I’m in Perth, in apartment and experiencing EXACTLY the same fault.  Been going backwards and forwards with the AGL onshore team and have sent them multiple supporting evidence pings/trace/pcap and NBN are basically telling them no fault found. Any attempt to resubmit the fault get cancelled. Clearly this is a them issue not a problem with our equipment. I’ll let you know if I get any updates today.

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I've given up on these clowns. I just switched my ISP to Aussie Broadband and my net is flying, I suggest you guys do the same to save you the pain of dealing with this. AGL telco is not worth the discount imo, see ya.