NBN HomeFast 100/20 - Download speed issues

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I have been a customer of AGL for a few months now, and overall I have been very satisfied. The performance has been "as specified" since we connected to the NBN FTTP plan, the recommended eero solution has worked well. Sure, we have had moments when the performance has been subpar - but it has generally self-rectified and there has been no need for support. 


I have been waiting for the latest speed performance issues to self-rectify, but after a couple of weeks, it has become unbearable.


Every couple of days the eero runs a speed test just after 4 am local time and everything looks fine. This is very consistent and since there are no connected devices active, it is a good indication of the internet speed while no video streaming or gaming is going on. 


But on Sunday afternoon, there was all sorts of trouble, with download speeds of 6 Mbps... everyone in the house switched to their 4G service and the performance tests did not improve.


At this point, everything was unplugged and reset, including the NBN box. Everyone carried on as normal into the evening and everything seemed to be working fine. 



On Monday I work in the office. The family complained that the internet was being painful again all day. I work from home on Tuesday so I thought I could do some more investigating. Strangely, my wife was streaming Apple TV and had no issues at all. However, anyone else trying to do any basic internet browsing was finding the internet crippled. (See speed tests conducted above). 



So this morning I checked my eero app (I was up before 5 am) and ran a few tests. Everything was performing as expected. I did some browsing on my phone, watched a few videos... everything was great. 


At 5:30 am I went out to walk the dog. Everyone in the house is still quietly sleeping at this time, and I reviewed the live activity on the eero app when I got back home, and of course, there is no data being uploaded or downloaded, except for a small amount on my iPhone. 


I ran another speed test from my device around 7 am, and a few more after that to see if it was fluctuating. The results are in the image above - about half the speed of what was expected.


I had a MS Teams call with video at 7:30 am and by this time I was terrified that I was going to lose connection. My wife was up and checking socials on her iPad, and I had my work laptop connected as well. In total, about a quarter of the devices we would normally have active in our home were exchanging data via the ISP. At the conclusion of my call (which went well, no drop outs, video was fine), I checked the speed again and it has been hovering around 5 - 10 Mbps since then. 


I checked my speed on the eero via the app. It was showing 8 Mbps download, 19 Mbps upload.


I have completed all of the recommended steps (as suggested by the AGL support website) and am about to take the step of completely resetting my eero devices, changing the wifi password and reconnecting device by device to the network and checking performance as each device is reconnected. 

The reason I haven't contacted support yet is I fear being asked to do all of these actions again, and the feedback on this forum has been very poor about AGL support. I am not sure if there is anything else I can do. 

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Hi @Vin75 - are you still experiencing these performance issues? If you haven't already, I would suggest contacting support, as they will probably take you through the step of resetting your device as part of the troubleshooting process anyway, and you can save yourself from doing it twice. 


Please let us know how you go.