Slow Internet Speeds

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So I joined AGL a month ago on the 100/20 plan. At first it worked a treat but as the first weekend came around I noticed that my speeds would drop dramatically and even completely out entirely. On the most recent Friday the same issue occurred, my download speeds went down to 4mbps and still haven’t come back (5 days later). I tired to contact support but they just told me it was an issue with my google home mesh wifi system because it wasn’t one of theirs, I contacted google, got them to run numerous diagnostics on my router but they couldn’t find a fault in the system. As I then rang back AGL I kept on getting told that my speeds were fine as I was running speed tests through… ok this would say I had 100mbps but I knew this isn’t what I was getting (I still couldn’t stream Netflix or download a file on my PlayStation). That’s when I looked into it. The speed test website will pull your speeds from the best server available - but I had a feeling this isn’t what was getting connected to in my home.. after testing through other servers (eg Optus) I found my speeds were showing 4mbps. I went back to support and eventually got onto some who finally admitted there was a known fault in the area (I’m in Daglish WA) and that there was nothing they could do, I just have to wait for NBN… great, so now I’m paying full price for a service I’m not even getting with no communication on when the fault is even going to be fixed. I’ve now since cancelled my internet plan with them after this experience as it’s just not it. For all of you out there facing the same issue I hope this post finds you well. 

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Hi @Easymoneymelm 

We are sorry to hear about your slow NBN speeds. 

To view information on NBN troubleshooting steps, please visit: 

You can view any outages via: 

For information on the NBN speeds: 

Regarding the NBN fault being raised, you will need to wait for the NBN fault to be resolved, regarding the charges, when the nbn fault is resolved, please contact us on 13 12 45 or via our messaging platform to look into any applicable downtime credits.