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Hi it has also been going on 4 weeks and my account also says setup in progress on my side to.  I am also waiting for my internet to be setup everything has been delivered but nothing works when I try to set it up

Many thanks for the help 




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Hi there my account on AGL app still remains setup in progress after almost 4 weeks. I am not able to view or pay online as I can't see the outstanding amount 








My internet  modem has been delivered and when I try to set it up it says the network is not found 


Please can someone help with finalizing the setupnof my energy account and my internet connection 


Many thanks 










AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Jacqueline1 ,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting online. Have you checked out our guide to getting set up


Which stage of the process are you having trouble with?

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Jacqueline1


Thanks for getting in touch. We want to help with setting up your modem, however we can't do it here, sorry! 


Please contact our NBN team via our website, so we can assist you further.


Kind Regards,