Missing invoice and late fees

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So I received an SMS saying I gotta pay my invoice or late fees will apply. Thing is, I never received an invoice in the first place! I called customer support, and asked my invoice to be sent first before sending me a reminder to pay it. Common sense. The person on the phone tells me that only the telco agl branch emails have been put on the ban list for yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail,... All the main email clients it seems, and so they cannot email me my invoice. But they can mail it to me! Yeah cool, except that by the time I receive it the late fee is definitely gonna be applied, for which I'm not responsible, agl is. The person tells me that he'll waive the late fee after I ask them to (should have been initiated from them but here we are). Tells me to call back if when I receive my invoice it has the late fee on it. A day later, I receive an email (They can send emails now!) with my previous amount due, a late fee, and current amount due. So I call back. The person on the phone now tells me they are going to cancel the late fee (which should have been already done from my first conversation right?) and re-email me the corrected invoice. I hang up, receive an email from agl, open the invoice, and it still has the late fee. So I call again, and this time the person I talk to tells me she actually can't send me an updated invoice, that I'll just have to remove the late fee myself from the total amount owed. Thing is, I need a written trace that the late fee has been waived, and she tells me she can't provide me one. Isn't that illegal? As a business, aren't you liable for providing me correct information about my account and accurate invoices? How hard is it to amend an invoice and send me the proper amount due in writing?? 

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Hi @VeeB - I'm sorry to hear it's been so difficult having your bill corrected. I hope that your next bill has been corrected as agreed, but if you have further issues I encourage you to message AGL via our app or My Account where your messaging history will be saved for future reference.

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Hello, no it has not been corrected as agreed. I reached out to them I think it was on thursday morning, via the AGL messages from my account as you recommended me, got redirected to the resolution team around 10:41AM, I am still waiting to hear back and honestly do not think they will reply to me at this stage. They ask you to stay online until someone can have a look at your case, but your connection times out after a certain time, making it simply impossible. I was messaging every hour to see if anyone was there or able to let me know how things were progressing and I got radio silence. So unprofessional! I'll make sure to not recommend them in the future and might swap providers as soon as I find a better or similar deal elsewhere. They have wasted so much of my time!