Internet outage in South Australia besides Lonsdale and Greenfields?

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The website has listed a partial outage in SA in two suburbs far away from each other, and meanwhile my internet is down somewhere else entirely. Has anyone else in the Adelaide region lost internet around 7:30 tonight? 

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And it's still out in St Clair 11 hours later,  and still agl help is not open. 

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Same here. I think someone just switched off the internet and left for the night. That's aweful internet and aweful customer service. It is like they want to make sure you won't stay with them šŸ˜„

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AGL support said it was a damaged fibre line and engineers are fixing the problem - 7:35 this morning

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Internet has been down 12hrs now and Iā€™m in QUEENSTOWN. No email, text msgs, or any update from AGL. 

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I just got off the phone with AGL, they're blaming the Nbn for it. Nbn website still says there's no outage. Has anyone checked with friends/family who aren't with AGL if they have an outage? 

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QUEENSTOWN just got internet back

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I have been with TPG since 8 jan 2012, have had ADSL and NBN services with them from four locations.


Now TPG are a phone and internet provider, never liked their phone service as the coverage has never been any good and its still about the same as the phone service that AGL supplies now.


Personally I use ALDI's piggy back Telstra service which only costs $25 a month and data rolls over.

I also have a Telstra phone that costs $35 a month but when on the road between Aldi and Telstra if the is a phone service I have it.


Now I believe that AGL started life as a GAS and ELECTRICITY Supplier and Retailer, why would anyone suddenly think that AGL could be become a PHONE and INTERNET provider.


At the moment they cannot even supply billing services to their GAS and Electricity customers correctly.


Now all that AGL supplies to its NBN customers is IP Numbers and DNS services and that does not appear to be very reliable at the moment.


However, they can always state that the issue may be with NBN.


In the 12 years I have been with TPG I have only had to phone them once, this was because the NBN router down the road (757 metres away) was dropping out, they contacted NBN co and within 15 mins I was talking with the NBN tech.


He could see the issue and within another 30 mins NBN Co was in the street and resolved the issue.


Since that issue 5 years ago I have had no more issues, have always supplied my own router and never had any issues in setup when I have moved houses.


Now TPG owns the following companies:

TPG; iiNet; Internode; Vodafone Australia; Lebara; AAPT; Felix Mobile

As you can see they are a Communications Company


AGL claims:

Onseller of Mobile services and NBN services.


I know who I will stay with.

Cheers Neil

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Yep one fibre line affected all of these suburbs and it wasn't a NBN outage.

AGL only supplies a service supplied by NBN.

Yep trust an electricity retailer to supply your internet services.

Cheers Neil

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