Appointment for Internet Connection

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Hello, Im new here..
Last time I have registered for internet and already have account. Since I live in Indonesia and will be back to Australia on December 21, so I asked them for survey on December 21 as the date my family and me arrive.
I was helped by the agent of customer service.

Please let me know, if that appointment will be done ? I mean, do they will come to survey as appointment asked ? Should I tell the agent the day before ?
By this morning, I have tried to ask by chat but none available for this.

Please let me know more, thank you.


AGL Community Manager
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Hi @HendrikCimpo,


I'm not entirely clear what you mean, but I think you're talking about the NBN technician appointment to connect your NBN access. This will happen on the appointment day unless other circumstances prevent it.

Check out "How and when the internet will get connected" on this Help page for more information.

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Hi @David_AGL thank you for replying.

Please let me know contact number of AGL for Internet. I want to know about my progress of connection. I have tried to talk by chat but the customer service very slow respond.