After NBN outage Wifi did not came back

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After NBN outage for few days, wifi didn't connect and customer service is assuming that it is not an NBN issue and it is more on our cabling. They diagnost it while sitting down in their office. They didn't even tried to get an electrician to come and have a look at the problem.

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Hi Leah, 

Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your service.

Can you confirm with me the following information regarding your situation. 
Does this happen all the time, or at specific times?

How long have you been experiencing this issue? 

Have you restarted the modem? And if so, does this resolve the issue? 

Have you tried another modem? 

Have you tried another ethernet cable?

What lights are on your modem?



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I have did all the troubleshooting that AGL technical support asked me to
do and they told me that apparently after the 2days NBN there was a breach
on the cables and I need to get electrician. They did not insist on
escalating it to NBN nor getting NBN electrician out to have a look because
they said it will cost something. I moved to a different provider now and
after one call and escalating it to NBN it is now fixed. I just hope your
technical support is really supporting and not just doing a lazy support on
fixing the customer's problem.
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HI @LEAH_N-L really sorry to hear you have left us. 
Thank you for providing us with the feedback that made you to decide to leave, we will definitely reflect on this and work to improvement for the future.




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