AGL sales staff was rude and irresponsible

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If I could give zero star, I’d give for AGL. Recently, I have seen AGL sales staffs are very rude and lack professional training. A man called me from strange number and said about AGL’s promotion. He thinks that if they offer a great promotion, the customers, who are using AGL energy, will immediately agree to switch to AGL's NBN service and provide them their personal information over the phone. Therefore, he does not need to prove that they are calling from AGL's phone number, are AGL employees, and do not need to send promotional details and T&C via email when customers request. He rudely hang up the phone while I was talking. When I could connect to another staff, I knew that was the phone number that the sales team used to call customers, and the 600$ discount on my energy account if I connected to AGL NBN was real but it’s just expired. If that man promptly proved he was actually staff of AGL by sending an email or text message from AGL, I could not lose the promotion. I asked them track that phone call to listen to how that man reduely talked with me and hang up the phone, reactivate the promotion for me. Customer service staff said they did not have the authority to resolve complaints related to the sales team. I will stop using AGL energy service because the customer service is the worst I have ever seen.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Phongtran,

Im so sorry for the experience you have described, this is not the behavior or level of service we expect and employ here at AGL. I can understand it must be frustrating getting a cold call from a Sales department offering you a deal that may sound to good to be true at first.

We will always endeavor to improve our communication to our customers in terms of promotions and discounts and i thank you for your feedback regarding your experience.

If you have any further queries please call our Escalations team on 131 245 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm to lodge any formal feedback or expression of your situation to see if we can assist you further.

Warm Regards,