Worst internet SPEED provider ever

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Hi that was just to let you know that you are the worst nbn provider in terms of modem speed. Lucky you are that I didn’t read the contract properly and now I’m locked with the modem plan so I can’t cancel without fees. But honestly if it continues like that for a few weeks I will cancel it. That’s stealing people to pay $80 per month and to have to unplug the modem every second day because you can’t access internet. Or because that internet speed is 1mb/s and you can’t even open one page on your browser but you paid to get 100Mb. Telstra is $90 per month but at least you get a decent internet speed!!!!!

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Viviensp 

I am going to privately message you to help with your issue. 

AGL Telco. 

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I've been with AGL Internet for just over 3 months now. From a performance perspective it has been a poor decision.  Yes it is cheaper than our previous provider but I guess you get what you pay for.  We have a fibre to the premise connection that drops out constantly and it can't keep up with any reasonable demand.  


Today was the final straw.  To update the firmware on one of my devices I had to hotspot to my phone which fortunately is connected with a major telco. My 100mb AGL broadband connection just simply couldn't cut it. Just like it can't cut it with video conferencing and so on.


Ironically when I run speed tests on the service it comes up ok. It just doesn't cut it with real world tasks. I'll let the experts conclude why this is might be the case. 


I am not going to muck about with AGL support. I don't have the time or inclination to waste my time on it. 


I am going to vote with my feet and return to my previous provider. That's my plan anyway.