7pm..AGL support have gone

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Internet is down, its been out since 7pm. How can there be no tech support after 6pm.!


Yes everything reset. Nothing.

All lights are on on the NTU.


I can ping ok but i assune the DNS has fallen over.


This is the 3rd outage in a fortnight. Having to work like this is so annoying and the lack of network support by AGL is  inexcusable 


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Same! I am dropping AGL, internet is soo unreliable and they just turn off chat with no explanation of what is happening? 

I also was waiting nearly two weeks for them to connect a new property and only when I called them as to why no progress was made for set up did they tell me oh yeah there's no connection at all we need to send a technician to fix that. Pathetic!

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Is this NSW??? Outages only say issues in QLD 😡

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Yep nsw! Seems to be working OK for me now thankfully but geez a 3hr plus window of essentially no internet ..... pretty ridiculous when there was no actual nbn outage....

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Ours has been out since 230pm. This is beyond unacceptable with NO communication from AGL as to wtf is going on.


Anyone suggest a better company to change to?

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Yea and AGL have shut there tech support for the night. iT support is 24x7
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Does AGL answer these discussions?

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Yes iit was SYDNEY 

AGL Moderator
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HI @Rowdy1961 

I am sorry to hear about your NBN issues over the weekend. 

Our technical support team are open from 8am - 8pm AEST Monday - Sunday. 

There was an unplanned NBN outage in NSW due to degradation, you can view this information here: https://telcostatus.agl.com.au/. 

The NSW outage was resolved at 6:48 am this morning, 26.02.2024. 

If the issues are continuing, please unplug your modem for 2 minutes, then plug the modem back in and wait several minutes, if the issues continue after this, please follow this troubleshooting guide: https://www.agl.com.au/help-support/internet-mobile/troubleshooting-and-outages/internet-troubleshoo... 

If after all this is completed, and the issues are continuing, please contact us, so that we can go through further troubleshooting with you and investigate it further. 

Kind Regards, Hannah!