Signed up for 1000MB plan barely got 200MB and cancelled before billing cycle

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Can someone adjust my payment to be pro rata or rejected? Your internet was nowhere near your advertised average speed. 


I have a bill due, which chat said I would get a separate bill and to ignore the original it's due on the 8th, and I won't be paying it. 


I spent an entire day trying to get tech support to help, and in the end, nothing worked; I switched to a different provider and getting full speeds. 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @DisappointedNBN , sorry to hear about the negative experience in this instance. Unfortuntely we won't be able to resolve your query through this public community, as it will require access to your specific account. It sounds like you're already going to be receiving a separate, adjusted bill, but if you don't receive it, I'd suggest getting in touch with support at that point.