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What options do you offer for an internet phone service ?


AGL Moderator
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Hi There!


AGL has recently launched our Home Phone solution, currently available to new customers who don’t already have an NBN connection with us.

The Home Phone product is available as a bundle, which includes an NBN service, a Home Phone service, and the modem required to power both services. For more information and terms and conditions associated, please visit Connect a Home Phone 


Thank you,

Tara, AGL Team

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My Phone No 0286099917 is not working and is part of package-additional cost$10.00

On your website under my account is operational

I can not call no one and no one can call me-tested

Please solve this problem


Lazar Vukadinovich

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My God, I am your CLIENT and paying to you for Internet and home phone

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This has been hopeless. Now literally some 25 hours spent on the phone, chat, texts & email with both AGL and former provider MATE Broadband.


Have simply been attempting to port across our old landline number. As is happens this is VIP & urgent for our family which includes a 94 year old who now has zero comunnication with the outside world: her doctors, dentist and in particular, her relatives in the UK & including her sister who is now in hospital.

I keep getting the response from AGL that MATE need to ensure that the number is stil active & available for porting; MATE keep responding to me that indeed it is that AGL are 'doing something wrong'. I mean, SERIOUSLY? what is it exaclty that either of these Teclos expect me to do?

Perhaps they need to fmailiarise themsleves with the policy rules and techniques for doin this themselves:
Rules for porting a phone number | ACMA

FOUR times over three weeeks now I have been arounnd and around this, yet AGL just keep passing the buck back to MATE. Just hopeless. Meanwhile our 94 year old is beside herself and very upset about this. We're very sorry now we even attempted this with AGL & have a good mind to cancel all of our accounts with them.

Reading between the lines: they have forgotten the elderly, don't care and perhaps more obviously - don't know how to do it technically.

Absolutely disgusted.



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Still not working, did they give you a wrong number?

Do you have a AGL Supplied Router.



Cheers Neil

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There is landline, not used more than few times
Internet AGL is OK
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Still do not have our original number ported after more than two months now. Yes. Bought a new modem from AGL.