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Today is the second time in 2 weeks of a power outage  in my area , the last time this happened  I was  waiting over 20 minutes on the phone as the consultant was not even aware of an outage .  I finally was referred to  ‘ a solutions department ‘ person where I ended up with a guy with a bad attitude towards my case  and told me the I should complain to AUSGRID - as my supplier  .  Now as we are only at beginning of summer and higher use  of power is expected , I don’t want to be with a supplier that can not guarantee me power , what are my options ? 

With the nearby Marrickville Metro Shopping complex expansion things  can only get worse .  - I hope to be hearing back from you in regards to “ do I have a choice  choosing  another supplier if I stay with AGL - or do I need to change  companies ?    regards 

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Hi @harrribo ,


First of all, I'm sorry to hear you had a poor experience with the phone agent you spoke to. I realize that's just added frustration on top of the inconvenience of losing power.

Despite this, it seems they were largely correct in the information they gave you - you will need to speak to Ausgrid, if they are your local distributor, regarding the outage. The distributor is the company that owns and manages the energy infrastructure to your address, and even if you swapped companies from AGL to another retailer, your new retailer would still have to use Ausgrid as the distributor, and the potential causes of the outage would be unchanged.