Solar Exports

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Howdy - can you please tell me why I had no solar exports for seven months July through to February ?


Garry **

Account number **


AGL Moderator
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Hello @RangerGazz


Thank you for reaching out! 


Your post has been edited to protect your personal details. 


We can certainly review your account and check the solar exports for the past seven months. 


I'll send you a private message and get some details from you. 


Kind Regards, 


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I am surprised that it has taken you 10 Months to notice that you are not generating solar.


Check normally every day that I am generating solar (I travel around in a caravan for 5 to 6 months a year).

In 2022 I could not see the Inverter on the web but could see on the AGL website and APP that I was generating solar.


I rang my house mate and stepped her through resetting the Inverter to get the WiFi working again.

Cheers Neil

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