Smelly Gas Heater, kerosene smell

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Hi, has anyone else suffered from smelly gas over the last week? We had guests staying with us last weekend and the gas heater had smelly gas fumes coming out (not like normal) from Friday night, and we had to turn the heater off as we were feeling sick from the fumes and had headaches as a result. Can you imagine how we felt having guests feeling cold in the middle of the coldest weekend this winter?

I think this is probably the gas company using cheap gas mixed into the normal high-quality gas at a time of high usage to make extra profits by using cheap smelly gas.


I tried calling and they passed me off to someone else who didn't answer the phone after hours. This is NOT good customer service by a supposed reputable Aussie company!! It is also despicable that we are charged for smelly gas when we need heating most! Tonight it is still smelly and we had to turn it off again.



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Hi Everybody,

To all of you who have experienced the strong kero smell form your gas heaters natural gas or LPG, there is nothing wrong with the heater.

What is causing the heater to make the kero smell is that you....yes have used some type of oil based product somewhere in the house. Even around outside the house..... even your neighbours using  something. Yes, the wind can blow the fumes everywhere. Even if you can't smell it and the fumes are in the air and the heater is turned will produce a kero smell.

Any product that has the red triangle symbol on the container meaning it's flammable will cause the kero smell if you use the heater.

So stop blaming AGL or your heater.

But you still need to have your gas heater serviced every 2 or 3 years.

David, Northgas Appliance Services

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Hi, we have noticed the same thing, especially at night, we just bought a brand new heater. And the smell of like kerosene burning. Due the heater being 1 week old and it came up with a fault low gas pressure is very strange...and it wasn’t a cheap heater $1400. so I went and switched the gas cooktop on and that exact same smell...very disappointing that such a big company has so many people complaining about the same thing and smell. 

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Today (07/07/21) our gas in also smells like kero and no it's has nothing to do with remnants of arosole, cleaning products or any other excuse as yesterday there was no smell and today it is really smelly. Please explain this. No other excuses or blaming something else please.