Rip off.

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So my energy rates are going up but my solar feed in price doesn’t go up. How does that work.

my feed in tariff   is crap to start with.

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Feed ins are low, depending on what state you are in, especially considering what you're being charged, and what states have set as a lowest feed in payable.

Some states like SA don't even have a lowest regulator set feed in, it can be cut at any time even to zero feed in.

SA also has the highest peak usage charge at 50c/kwh, and among the lowest feed in at 5c or 6c.


With rooftop solar now getting too big in some states, and starting to become an issue for networks not able to cope with it, there are going to be less and less feed in paid, even a penalty against solar soak hours (1000 - 1500), and networks are getting set up to throttle feed ins from areas where the solar coming into the grid gets too much to cope with / what's needed.


It's getting close to the stage where, provided you have a system of large enough size to cope, and it is compatible, a battery is going to be a must to keep ahead of power costs, and the way they are going towards charging for power, as well as poles and wires.