Confusion with Gas Account

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Friday 14 June on the app I had a gas bill over $400.00, I checked the website which said I was 99c in credit.  I did ask for a meter reading 2 mths ago and not just an estimate to which they refused.  I have Gas & Electricity on my phone app and on 15 June I owe on Gas $177.00, today 16 June I owe $190.00.  By the end of the 60 days for gas I will owe approx. $780.00 especially if it keeps going up by $13.00 a day.  I contacted AGL yesterday who advised my account was $80.49 but I was in credit $81.48 so that's how I got to 99c. Customer Service explained that it takes 24 hrs to catch up on the app, actually not true because the account is increasing as I write this.