Multiplier in Business Energy Bill

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I'm on a Business Flexible Saver plan, and I'm looking over some of my bills. They all have this "Multiplier" on the meter reading - why is this here?

Screenshot 2023-07-25 162434.png

As far as I'm aware, we gave them an actual meter reading which showed a usage of 502 kWh, why are they multiplying it by 40? It's multiplied by 40 in every single bill and I have no idea why. There's no way we've used 20,080 kWh in one billing period, as (just checked now) the meter says we've only used 29,669 kWh since the thing was installed. It's not the rate as the price per kWh is lower down on the bill.


Any help on understanding this would be great thanks!

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Hi wfh,


Thank you for your question.


I'm going to message you privately to get more details, if you prefer, our contact centre is open 24/7. 


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