Gas Lamp Post restoration

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Good Afternoon, 


I have purchased a very old gas lamp post i believe was the last operating gas street light in Lithgow NSW. 


It is stamped with Australian Gas Light Comp. on one side and Mort'sDock & on the other side with an attached brass post number of 10077. 


As a project i am restoring the cast iron post but would love to be pointed in the right direction as to find out some history on the post or where i might be able to find some information about AGL gas lighting in this era. 


Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance. 

James Sheppard

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @James3 


That sounds like a fun project! Thanks for taking an interest in AGL's history - as you probably know, we go back a ways. AGL has been proudly Australian since 1837, and we installed the first gas street lamp in Sydney in 1841.


Regarding your specific lamp, it might take a little more digging to chase up its history, but we'd love to see it - we could also share it on our social media channel and perhaps get some more clues that way. Could you post some photos of it here or send them to me?


In the meantime, here are a few old snaps from AGL's history:













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Thanks David, 


Any digging you or anyone could do would be fantastic. 


The project is going well, it is stripped back, undercoated (the red paint) and now awaiting it's second coat of paint. 


I still haven't been able to find a similar lamp for it in better condition so guess i need to decide if i buy a new lamp and lose the authentic nature of the project or keep looking. I also need to find the ladder rests or get some thing made. 


see photo's before the final paint. 


taking it back to raw cast iron.taking it back to raw cast iron.primedprimedthe remainder of the original lamp.the remainder of the original lamp.rust convertedrust convertedone side says Australian Gas Light side says Australian Gas Light Co..the other sidde MORT"S DOCK & ENGINEERING Co.the other sidde MORT"S DOCK & ENGINEERING Co.

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It's looking great @James3 . Please share the finished project when you get a chance! I haven't been able to track down any info about AGL in Lithgow specifically but I'm keeping an eye out.

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Hi again @James3 . I'm curious how you got on with this one! How's it looking these days?

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hello James,


Believe it or not I have exactly the same lamp post.


I was looking to sell it but not sure of the worth of it.


How much did you pay for yours?


Good luck with your restoration.


Lynn Nimenski 


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  •  project went really well, I had to dig down a fair way as it was so tall and concreted a foot footing onto it. 
    I couldn’t save the hood so bought a new one, the LED lights in it were all wrong so I sourced a centerflow kerosene lamp and fitted it in with an electric bulb. It is not perfect but looks great and can turn it on from inside. 
    I still haven’t been able to find the ladder rests, I have been hopeful something would pop up but might have to get something made. 
    Was a fun project and looks great. 
    If anyone ever finds more out about the history of these poles I would be interested. 
    thanks. James 
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That is funny. Did you ever sell it? I bought it from an auction house after a few beers haha for around $550.

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Hey there, interested what info people have found? Looking for 3 x gas style lamps to fit onto posts?