what actually is changed when a digital meter is put in

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Research implies to me that A digital meter is Not a smart meter. And if this is so when your electricity  meter is changed to a digital meter then you still get a man coming out to read it (but its more accurate). However the email i got from agl implies that they want to change my current meter to digital (it did not say "smart") . i could be wrong but i also get the impression that this change to digital means , no actual person comes out to read it. can you clarify.  will it look like and work like it does now like still have fuses ( reset fuses in case needed) a hot water on /off switch and a electricity on of switch.

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Hi @jimmey, welcome to neighbourhood. While there were some smart/digital meters that did still require manual probing even though they read themselves, meters these days are completely remote. They read themselves in intervals and tranmsit that data to the relevant parties to validate. If we have sent you one of those letters regarding upgrading your area to a new meter, then it would be one of the remote ones.


As for the other questions it would depend on what meter they install. If you have any questions you can try reaching out to us here so we can check out the account for you and point you in the right direction. 


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seems a bit unsure. whilst the are smart meters that are digital i belive the are digital meters that are not smart meters.
The email reads upgrading to digital meter but doesnt mention anything about a smart meter.My preference is to have the upgrade to digital meter that is not a smart meter.