Electricity spikes

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Hi all,

I’m living in a small granny flat just by myself, I have a smart meter. For cook stove and HWS, I use bottle gas. Basically, in my house only has the fridge connects to the power point 24hrs, it’s a small fridge 198L. I haven’t changed my power usage routine. In my property, I don’t have air-con, TV or oven. I always ensure I unplug everything after use. I’m a full time worker, my daily power usage is from 0.6-1kwh. I only use the washing machine in the weekend. However, I noted spikes, one day it shows I used 13kwh, or 9kwh,… even I only had the fridge on.

For example:

15/9-22/9: daily usage only 0.6-1

spikes noted on 23,25,26,27/9

28/9-4/10: normal

6/10: 12kwh

7/10: 9kwh

8/10-14/10: normal

spikes: 15,17,18,19/10

26/10: 9kwh

27/10: 13kwh.

i have run an isolate test, no issue found, also paid for an electrician to check the wiring and cable, no issue. 
but unsure why spikes still happening. 

The sipes are inconsistent and just randomly. So, if I have a faulty appliance or faulty wiring, electricity leaking, spikes would have happened every day. Could anyone help with this matter? Now I’m so scared of turning on the mainswitch, I only turn it on when I need the power and then will turn it off immediately, cause I can’t afford the electricity bill. 
I have posted some photos. 

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Hello Karen22, Thank you for reaching out. 


I can see why this would be alarming! It sounds like you have done most of the recommended checks already to determine what is causing the spikes. 


Based on the isolation test, the meter wouldn't be faulty. It is hard for us to determine what could be causing the spikes, as we can only see the amount of electricity being used. 


Just to confirm, have you done an isolation test on individual appliances in the house? 


Kind Regards, 


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Hi Natalie,

yes. I did, but still couldn’t find the issue.

In my property, I only have the fridge connects to the power point for 24hrs. Then washing machine only once per week, microwave not really using daily, but these are unplugged after use. 
And what I did now is just turn on the mainswitch when I need the power , then turn it off when I finished.