AGL energy gloating about energy prices

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Hi all,

           Is it just me or does everyone find it offensive that on your bill AGL point out how much they have raised energy prices. We have done everything we can to minimize electricity usage quarter on quarter we use less energy than the same previous quarter. In the section titled Your Usage and cost snapshot they compare this year to last.

My usage this year is 5.58 kWh down from last year 5.82.

They then state 9% higher cost compared to last year.

Seems like they are just making fun of all us suckers who have to buy electricity. Same with solar I generate more than 2 x the amount of energy I use every quarter but still have a bill. These people are extorting the general population and with a statutory profit of 860 million where is the justice.


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AGL Moderator
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Hi Joe, The usage and cost snapshot is usually a good tool to understand how you are tracking compared to the previous year (if data is available). Unfortunately, the energy rates have gone up recently. You can find more information about this by visiting We would like to apologise for any inconvenience. Thank you, Deepesh